Active Minerals (kaolin division) 



The Kaolin Division of Active Minerals is one of the largest producers of air float kaolin in the world and is made up of the Gordon, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina operations.

Active Minerals International is a global company with offices in Taiwan, China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and The United States.

  • Started in 1990 as Wilkinson Kaolin Associates, LTD with a capacity of approximately 50,000 tons per year.
  • AMI purchased WKA in 2003, with a capacity of 150,000 tons per year.
  • Capacity immediately expanded to 300,000 tons.
  • Milling capacity expanded to 550,000 tons in 2011.
  • Bulk bagging capacity expanded to 300,000 tons/year in 2011, including 150 container capacity yards on-site.
  • Container yard expansion planned for 2012.
  • AMI uses kaolin from various leased, owned, or purchased clay sources.
  • The clay is brought into 13 different bays.
  • Bays are analyzed regularly to facilitate blending to a consistent particle and chemistry size.

Soft Kaolin-Gordon Plant

  • Coarse Particle Size (65% finer than 2 Micron)
  • Undifferentiated Ocoee (Gaillard) Formation or Buffalo Creek Formation
  • Chemically Pure
  • More Chemically Consistent
  • Whiter Color/Higher Brightness

Hard Kaolin-Aiken Plant

  • Fine Particle Size (85% finer than 2 Micron)
  • Ocoee Group- Jeffersonville Member of the Huber Formation
  • Less Pure
  • More Carbon