ACTIVE MINERALS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the production and marketing of kaolin and gel quality Attapulgite clay minerals. Its products are sold throughout the world for industrial, agricultural and construction related applications. AMI is the world’s largest supplier of gel quality Attapulgite (clay) and is the largest supplier of air float kaolin. Active Minerals International produces air-floated kaolin clays, along with other specialty and private labelled air-float kaolin clays. Active Minerals International’s Kaolin Clays start from high purity clay deposits. They are further refined by milling, air-classification, and blending. All kaolin clays produced by Active Minerals are “air-float” clays, avoiding the use of dispersants that can alter performance in some applications.

XATICO is their distribution partner for Clays in the Benelux and France. In Spain and Portugal they also sell the Attapulgite on top of the Clays.