Calcium Carbonate (calcite - marble)

Calcium Carbonate (calcite - marble)

The Caclite is diagenetically compacted and extremely bright. It comes from The Malm Epsilon bedding in the Swabian Jura and has a carbonate content about 99%. Marble is a metamorphic rock, the product of the transformation of limestone at high pressure and temperature. Deposits of white marble are rare!

The marble deposit in Hammerunterwiesenthal in Ore Mountains is over 500 million years old and consists of a fine crystalline structure. It is extremely resistant to weathering, has a low water absorption and a high abrasion resistance.

Product Range Calcium Carbonate (calcite - marble)

  • Saxolith® Fillers based on ultra-white Marble.
  • Saxodol® Fillers based on white Marble.
  • Calcite Fillers based in bright and pure Calcite.

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