Collosil® - Special adhesives

Collosil® - Special adhesives

Water-based special adhesives
The Collosil® programme offers ready-to-use formulated industrial adhesives. In addition to inorganic variants based on alkali silicates, organic systems complement our range of high-performance, water-based specialty adhesives.

Properties Collosil®

  • Inorganic adhesives:
    • High temperature resistant
    • No solvent vapours or harmful gases in case of fire
    • Resistant to chemicals
    • High adhesion
    • Aqueous system, easy to apply
  • Organic adhesives:
    • High initial adhesive force
    • Very good drying properties

Why Xatico?

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Xatico operates as a specialized wholesaler and distributor of industrial mineral fillers in Europe.

  • High technical expertise
    in the field of industrial mineral fillers
  • Numerous industrial sectors
    Large and small companies throughout Europe
  • Proactive support
    From product development to production
  • Customer-oriented service
    Efficient logistics and fast delivery throughout Europe
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