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Attapulgite is a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate that is used as a thixotropic thickener, anti-settling agent, syneresis control, rheology modifier and binder in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Attapulgite are electrically charged rod-shaped particles that form a lattice structure that trap and suspend liquids and particles, which imparts thixotropic thickening, suspension and syneresis control. Typical markets for products containing Attapulgite include: paint and coatings, building products, oil well drilling mud, agricultural suspensions, catalyst and molecular sieves

Range of products Attapulgite

  • Acti-Gel®208 Powder and liquid Acti-Gel 208 are high quality, purified magnesium aluminosilicates used in high solids systems that can eliminate segregation and improve flowability.
  • MIN-U-GEL®400 A hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate with gelling and rheological properties.

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