Corporate policy

Quality policy

Xatico relies on good service, market and product knowledge.

  • We serve our customers quickly, obligingly and competently.
  • We offer high flexibility at reasonable prices
  • We create added value for customers and suppliers through extra services

We also attach great importance to transparency, whether towards suppliers, customers or employees.

High quality is very important to us.
Our corporate philosophy has the following key points:

Customer satisfaction

We live from and for our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Therefore, we respond to the specific wishes and do our best to fulfil them through good performance, competence and fair prices.

Partnership-based cooperation with our suppliers Partnership-based cooperation with our suppliers

We maintain close and cooperative relationships with our suppliers. It is very important for us to identify with them.

We are also pleased to support our partners in product development for the future market by providing them with useful market information.

We show our suppliers that Xatico is the best possible sales organisation in the various geographical and application-oriented markets.

Employee satisfaction

We encourage and challenge our employees. Everyone in the team is an important part of the organization.

Xatico provides an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and can work independently. The way we treat each other is fair, cooperative and friendly. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the team spirit and the "WE-feeling" of our employees.

Only people who feel good, do good work.


Xatico is certified as a socially responsible company.

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