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Toro Gips S.L. is a company established in 2017 committed to exploring the full potential of 100% natural calcium sulfate and the benefits it can offer to consumers by supporting the creation of convenient and sustainable products.
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The distinctive factor of the calcium sulfate of its gypsum factory and mine located in Albalate del Arzobispo in Teruel (Spain) is its purity exceeding 99%  and making it one of the most unique raw materials worldwide.

Under the brand TOROWHITE, the company manufactures Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite products offering solutions for a number of markets such as the polymers and biopolymers, masterbatches and pigments industries amongst others.

The TOROWHITE product portfolio of Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite solutions are based on Toro Gips’ joint efforts together with leading  R&D institutions across Europe, such as Materia Novia in Belgium and AIMPLAS in Spain, to exploit the potential of the purest calcium sulfate. Hereby the focus lies on already known applications as well as on the development of new applications based on the the company’s customers’ specific needs within the wide range of industries in which the products can be applied.

Either used as a TiO2 Extender or a Functional Additive, TOROWHITE products offer the possibility not only to significantly decrease production cost and thus increase profitability of products, in addition they offer the change to improve the functional properties of manufactured products thus resulting in higher quality and value maximization.

The Toro Gips team is formed by a unique combination of world-class experts, highly diverse in terms of background, functional field, market expertise, countries and cultures, working with one shared objective: helping customers increase quality and create more convenient and sustainable products by taking advantage of the properties of calcium sulfate.

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