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Bentonite is a clay generated frequently from the alteration of a tuff or volcanic ash, consisting predominantly of smectite minerals, usually montmorillonite.

Smectites are clay minerals which consist of individual crystallites that are actually three-layer clay minerals. Common names for smectite include montmorillonite or sodium montmorillonite ("sodium bentonite" or "Wyoming bentonite") and swelling bentonite ("Western bentonite").

There are three types of bentonite occurring naturally:

  1. Natural Calcium Bentonite,
  2. Natural Sodium Bentonite and
  3. Sodium Activated Bentonites.

The majority of bentonites that can be find worldwide are calcium bentonites. Calcium bentonites are often characterized by much lower swelling and liquid limit values compared to natural sodium bentonite.

Natural sodium bentonites have sodium as the predominant exchange cation and are characterized by high swelling, high liquid limit and high thermal durability. Sodium activated bentonites are produced by the substitution of calcium ions by sodium ions. This transformation can be achieved by the addition of a soluble sodium salt to calcium bentonite.

The special characteristics of bentonite (swelling, water absorption, viscosity, thixotropy) allow this material to be used in a wide range of industries and applications:Foundry Industry (mould sand binder)

  • Construction (waterproof diaphragm walls, filler for GCL…)
  • Drilling (bentonite slurries and injection grouts)
  • Agriculture (mycotoxin absorber and binder in animal feed; used as well for soil treatments and in horticulture)
  • Food Industry (clarification of wines and fruit juices)
  • Cat Litter and Desiccant.

Product Range Bentonite

  • BENTOPRO Is a range of different high standard sodium activated casting bentonites.
  • BENTOPROCARBO Is a product line used for casting, it’s mixture of high quality sodium activated bentonite and lustrous carbon carrier.
  • BENTOPRODRILL Is a high quality bentonite range which is specifically processed to develop highest swelling and rheological.
  • BENTOPRODRILL-HDD Is a mixture of high-quality bentonites and health-safe polymers, which provide extraordinary rheological properties, high yielding, gel strength, optimal plastic viscosity and thin clay liner.
  • BENTOPROSEAL Are sodium activated bentonites, specially processed with purpose to achieve exceptional water-proof properties.
  • BP CLARIS A high purity product line for clarification and stabilization adsorption of proteins in wine and juices.
  • BP FARMA Group of products to be used in livestock farming and agriculture.
  • BP GRANULAR Are high-quality granulated bentonites with exceptional properties of moisture absorption and control of unpleasant odours.
  • BP GROUND Electrically conductive, alkali-activated, high-quality granulated bentonites, which serves for reduction of electrical resistivity of soil in various grounding systems of electrical and telecommunication installations.
Bentonite - Products
Bentonite - Products

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