Wollastonite_natural Calciumsilicate

The natural mineral wollastonite is a very versatile calcium silicate whose crystal structure consists of needle-shaped crystals. 

It is characterized by :

  • a low absorption of water and oils
  • a high thermal stability
  • a low solubility in water
  • medium hardness (4.5 on the Mohs scale)
  • variable shape coefficient (ratio of length to diameter).


Wollastonite is used in various applications and in a wide range of manufacturing processes.

  • Plastics: improved dimensional stability, impact and scratch resistance.  Increased insulating and fire resistance properties.
  • Paints: anti-corrosion properties of industrial coatings.  Optimization of mechanical performance (hardness, adhesion and flexibility).
  • Ceramics: increase in resistance by limiting cracks and fissures.
  • Adhesives and sealants: improvement of dimensional stability and mechanical resistance (tensile strength, sagging and abrasion resistance). Improvement of rheology.
  • Concrete: reinforcement of cement slabs, improvement of the wet and mechanical properties of concrete; its lightness is also an advantage.
  • Geopolymers: improvement of rheology to facilitate extrusion

Product Range Wollastonite

  • Wollastonite (different mesh sizes) Standard types used as functional filler in ceramics, refractories, paints rubber and plastics.
  • Wollastonite Super Fine Its gained by careful milling of manual-selected Wollastonite ore with good needle-like crystal. It is commonly used as functional filler in thermoplastics.

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