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Release Agents - Products

The products offer maximum performance with minimum impact on the environment.

There are also effective release agent solutions for the rubber and plastics industry.

Product Range Release Agents

  • RUCOSAN B-RAX Standard paraffin wax based release agents for technical rubber applications, silicone free
  • RUCOSAN B-RAX 11 Synthetic wax-based release agent for higher processing temperature, better performance also for thermoplastic applications, silicone free
  • RUCOSAN B-RAX bio Bio based wax emulsion, biodegradable, for lower processing temperatures, silicone free
  • RUCOSAN B-RAS 11 High performance silicone-based emulsion, also stable in high dilution, for technical rubber applications, thermoplastics and others (all-round product) - also suitable for latex dipping bath for gloves and threads 
  • RUCOSAN B-RAS 12 Solvent free fluid dilute able with solvents, also for aerosol applications and critical applications like composites
  • RUCOSAN B-RAA 10 Silicone additive which can be combined with the wax-based emulsions to boost the performance or to use it also as anti-tack agent. Mix 1% B-RAA10 into B-RAX and dilute 1:15 or higher to create an anti-tack bath for rubber products
  • RUCOSAN B-RI 11 Integral release and flow additive for rubber, TPE and thermoplastic applications to improve extrudability, reduce friction and easier release.  Product gets directly incorporated into the rubber or the thermoplastic granulate during compounding

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