Betolin® | Sapetin® | Sikalon®

Betolin® | Sapetin® | Sikalon® - Binding agent and additive specialties for paints/plasters/construction chemistry

Binding agents modelled on nature
The product lines Betolin® | Sapetin® | Sikalon® comprise aqueous binding agents and formulation additives for the production of environmentally compatible silicate paints and plasters as well as for the production of coating systems for cementitious surfaces.


  • Ready-to-use, storage-stable formulations
  • Open-pore coating, therefore good water vapour permeability
  • Good colour stability
  • Harmonious, matt surface design
  • Low soiling tendency
  • Long shelf life
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in new and old buildings
  • Environmentally neutral behaviour
  • Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates due to chemical cross-linking with the surface