Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite

Product Range

Ti-ExR 04

Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite with a very high level of purity and of the highest whiteness extends TiO2 in white color masterbatches and pigments. However, not only white color pigments and paints, also a multitude of pastel colors can be achieved when substituting titanium dioxide by this of premium calcium sulfate.


TOROWHITE Ti-ExR 04 is a Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite (AII) extender with purity <99% and excellent whiteness exceeding L>95. It is produced from natural calcium sulfate that is unique and selected especially for use in industries such as polymers/biopolymers and painting. Narrow particle size distribution enables high performances in terms of color, opacity, brightness, processability and mechanical impact resistance.

By enabling the substitution of titanium dioxide as a whitening agent in masterbatches and painting products thus, TOROWHITE Ti-ExR 04 helps to reduce production costs and increase profitability. Proof of this application advantage are tests carried out with different types of plastic that show optimal whitening effects without impact on functional properties.