Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)

Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)

  • Uncoated PCC:
    • Calprec PA
    • Calprec PA E-170
  • Coated PCC:
    • Calprec PR
    • Calprec PR-2E
    • Calprec SEAL
    • Calprec PR-G


Calprec PA is a precipitated calcium carbonate with scalenohedral morphology. Its particular structure, purity and size distribution curve enable increased whiteness and opacity when it is used as filler in paper.

Calprec PA is also especially suitable in paint formulations as an agent that provides hiding power and as high brightness white pigment and therefore used as titanium dioxide extender. For this same reason, it can be used as extender in rigid plastics such as PVC and printing inks.

Calprec PA E-170 is used in pharma and food industry for its chemical purity.  This product is directly used as a food additive, particularly in snacks or bakery. It can also work as calcium source for toothpaste manufacturers. In the pharmaceutical industry it is used in antibiotics manufactured by fermentation and as an excipient in pharmaceutical tablets. In addition it can be used for latex production.

Calprec PR is a ultra-fine PCC with spherical shape and special surface coating that allows the product to be integrated perfectly into the formulations. It acts as rheology modifier and improves the mechanical performance of several adhesive and sealants formulations. It is especially useful for hybrid sealants. Other coated products such as Calprec SEAL and PR-G work for hybrid systems as well, but also for silicones, PU and epoxy.

Calprec PR can work in rigid plastics as impact modifier agent, providing a better quality product, with improved appearance (gloss, surface finish). It works particularly well in PVC profiles.

Calprec PR can also work as rheology modifier in offset printing inks