Metakaolin is a material shaped from a natural raw-material Kaolin by calcination at above 500°C. It is a transition metastable phase. On the contrary to the mineral kaolin, the Metakaolin shows a very little expressive crystal structure similar to Kaolin – it has more or less amorphous character. At the same time a partial consolidation caused by dehydration of the original material shows up.

Product Range

MetaCem 85C Is thermally structured, ultrafine Pozzolan which can replace industrial by-products such as fumed silica or Microsilica.
Metakaolin KM 60 Is used as an additive to refractory materials, concretes and mortars, as a filling agent to rubber and plastics as well as for further applications.
ARGICEM A type II of pozzolanic addition to concretes and mortars.